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Strengthen governance for sustainable development at subnational level

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SDG Localization & Governance

There is no doubt: local and regional governments are critical in turning Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from a global vision into a local reality.

From youth and gender equality, climate action to quality education and health care, subnational authorities stand at the forefront of SDG localization.

But the SDGs are integrated and no single solution will be effective.

Achieving them requires systems approaches that complement traditional siloed interventions with integrated solutions powered by innovation, digitalization and development financing.


What is Social Innovation Platform?

SIP theory of change

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Social Innovation Platform (SIP) is a systems approach that leverages real-time data, human centric design thinking, portfolios of solutions to tackle complex development challenges at subnational level and help accelerate SDG localization.

SIP is in line with the UNDP Governance for People and Planet Programme to support integrated solutions for governance systemic transformations. The strength of SIP lies in its ability to go beyond traditional vertical and one-off development interventions by breaking down silos across sectors, informing governance systems with innovative practices (Deep Listening, Sensemaking, Co-production) to understand the deeper dynamics of development contexts, and facilitating new civic spaces for inclusive participation and collaboration between people, governments, and the private sector at all levels.

Its core functions are:

  • To help bring together a variety of stakeholders, including governments, communities, civil society and the business sector to;
  • Unravel local community narratives and reveal in-depth needs, challenges and opportunities through Systems Mapping, Deep Listening, Sensemaking and;
  • Collaborate on co-designing and prototyping interconnected solutions to address complex challenges at subnational level;
  • Explore new financing mechanisms to shift from funding traditional standalone projects to financing portfolios of integrated solutions.


SIP Experimentation 

Since 2019, UNDP in Asia and the Pacific, in collaboration with the Agirre Lehendakaria Center (ALC), is supporting UNDP Country Offices in the Asia-Pacific region to pilot SIP to accelerate SDG localization. 

SIP is helping UNDP in Thailand (southern border provinces & Chiang Rai), Indonesia (Gorontalo & West Java), Pakistan (Gilgit-Baltistan & Karachi), Laos (Vientiane), Maldives, and Bangladesh (Dhaka District) to support integrated solutions for a wide range of complex development challenges at subnational level including transforming local food systems, blue economy, sustainable tourism, air pollution, and community consultation. 

UNDP is working collaboratively with ALC to support and scale Social Innovation Platforms across the globe including Europe, Central Asia, Latin America, and Africa to help design people centric integrated solutions that help translate the SDGs and 2030 Agenda into local reality. 


Contact Us

For enquiry on Social Innovation Platforms, please contact our analyst for SIP Community of Practice: yi.zhang@undp.org.


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