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Our work

UNDP supports dialogue, awareness and training on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Viet Nam. In several countries, UNDP is supporting governments in the development and implementation of National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights. UNDP also works with civil society, providing grants to organizations in the region in support of human rights defenders. UNDP’s work with businesses includes developing due diligence tools, conducting training for staff, and supporting impact assessments. 

Technical and advisory support to governments

Development of human rights policies, due diligence processes and remedies for the business sector

Regional peer learning and capacity building on the UNGPs

Support to civil society and national human rights institutions to improve accountability

Where We Work

South Asia

Bangladesh - India - Nepal - Pakistan - Sri Lanka

Southeast Asia

Indonesia - Malaysia - Myanmar - Thailand -  Viet Nam

Central and East Asia



Our Focus Areas


UNDP convenes stakeholders and provides advice to governments on the development of National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights. UNDP also facilitates forums during which civil society and human rights defenders encourage governments to act.


UNDP assists NHRIs and CSOs working with human rights defenders to provide legal assistance in furtherance of remedies. For example, UNDP  provides support to CSOs working on legal aid provision to HRDs, with a focus on environmental rights defenders.


UNDP guides States and businesses on how to integrate gender perspectives into UNGPs implementation in furtherance of women’s rights. UNDP also supports businesses in conducting human rights impact assessments to prevent gender-based discrimination.


Through public events and publications, UNDP promotes policy coherence between the UNGPs and trade and investment policy, business regulation, labor laws, and other legal and regulatory frameworks that impact on business practices. 


UNDP works with businesses to set up grievance mechanisms and complaint systems leading to greater access to justice and effective remedies. We advocate for businesses to apply a do-no-harm approach when engaging with conflict-affected communities. 


UNDP works with States to ensure they fulfil their duty to protect human rights, including environmental rights. We support businesses in conducting human rights and environmental impact assessments to prevent adverse impacts on the environment.

Regional Forums

Our Projects

The implementation of the programme is ensured by two project teams working on complementary activities to maximize impact.

The “Business and Human Rights in Asia: Promoting Responsible Business Practices through Regional Partnerships” project, funded by the Government of Sweden.

The “Business and Human Rights in Asia: Enabling Sustainable Economic Growth through the Protect, Respect and Remedy Framework” project, funded by the European Union. 

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