Guidelines for African Borderlands SDG Investor Maps


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Guidelines for African Borderlands SDG Investor Maps

February 27, 2024

"Guidelines for African Borderlands SDG Investor Maps" provides a comprehensive framework for identifying and realizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) investment opportunities within African borderlands. It emphasizes the strategic importance of borderlands, which are home to 270 million inhabitants and serve as crucial regions for economic and political life. The guidelines aim to tailor the SDG Investor Map to African borderlands, addressing their unique socio-economic and security dynamics and highlighting the need for private sector engagement to tap into these areas for sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

The purpose of this work is to design a set of SDG Investor Map guidelines tailored to the specific context for borderlands. The guidelines should be deployable for the conduct of cross-border, borderlands and regional (multi-country) SDGs Investor Mapping. In addition, the report provides recommendations on appropriate approaches to operationalizing the findings of SDG Investor Maps in African borderlands and adapting to volatile contexts and more fragile environments.