Preventing Crisis, Enabling Recovery: 2010 Annual Report

12 Jun 2011 (9.8 MB)
Cover of Preventing Crisis - Enabling Recovery: 2010 Annual Report


This annual report summarizes some of UNDP's main achievements in regards to its work in Crisis Prevention and Recovery worldwide throughout 2010, particularly in the areas of Disaster Risk Reduction, Early Recovery, Conflict Prevention, and Gender Equality. It also provides detailed financial information such as sources of funding and expenditures; and describes our partnerships with key UN and non-UN actors that are crucial to advance our work in such areas.


  • As of the end of 2010, UNDP's cash-for-work and food-for-work programmes (in partnership with the World Food Programme) have empolyed over 240,000 Haitians, 40 percent of them women;
  • We enabled over 124,000 people to gain self-employment through establishment of viable small and micro-enterprises in crisis and post-crisis countries;
  • In 2010, UNDP deployed SURGE teams (composed of UNDP staff members sent out to help UNDP country offices foster better recovery and development opportunities for people affected by crisis) in more than 20 countries, the most challenging being Haiti where 58 experts were mobilized;
  • We stepped up action in 31 countries to implement armed violence-prevention programmes and supporting a further 40 states with national mine action initiatives;
  • We facilitated gender-responsive disaster risk reduction in the Democratic Republic of the Congo through the economic integration of 1,056 female ex-combatants/formerly associated members;
  • We supported the Government of Southern Sudan to assess the core functions of statehood as part of the preparations for the January 2011 referendum;
  • We helped to create emergency jobs and longer-term employment for 25,000 male and more than 7,300 female ex-combatants in nine countries;
  • We supported national actors to take concrete steps to ensure peaceful referendums in Kenya and Tanzania, and violence-free elections in Kyrgyzstan, Solomon Islands, and Togo;
  • We facilitated the establishment of a referral system in Somaliland to enable sexual assault cases to go to formal courts;
  • We provided relief assistance to 19,500 families of internally displaced persons in the Philippines and, working with local authorities, devising programmes to assist recovery efforts in 42 communities of return;
  • We supported 1,800 ex-combatants to be discharged under DDR arrangements in Nepal with livelihood packages and training.

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