UN agencies and NGO partners appeal for US$4.63 billion in new funding to address the needs of refugees and communities hosting them.  more »
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When in need during an emergency, we turn to those closest at hand. Neighbouring countries serve this function for most Syrian refugees.   more »
Despite the horrors of 2016, I remain hopeful that the international community will deliver on its big promises to change the way it works.  More »
As one of the few development agencies on the ground in Yemen, UNDP partners with the World Bank Group to implement a US$300 million emergency project supporting 2 million Yemenis.  more »
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Building on 2,000-year-old hydraulic systems, UNDP is helping farmers in Sri Lanka adapt to new climatic conditions.  More »
Champions from across the world will travel to China to meet UNDP’s first Animal Ambassadors, two adorable panda cubs called Qiqi and Diandian.  more »
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Young people around the world are using their voice to make the Global Goals a reality. We asked eight young leaders what kind of world they’d like to see by 2030.  More »
Hurricane Matthew affected 1.3 million people in Haiti. Some 750,000 are in need of immediate assistance.  Donate now »