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UNDP in Yemen

World Bank

To help combat the multi-dimentional crisis in Yemen, UNDP and the World Bank have partnered to launch the unique Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Project (YERCP) – a project that effectively responds to the famine related needs of the Yemenis, especially the poorest and most vulnerable. For the first time, the World Bank has unlocked substantial financing from its International Development Associatation to work through UN agencies and to keep critical development projects flowing during a protracted crisis.

The World Bank’s support has allowed UNDP to scale-up our livelihood projects from only a few locations to being present in 95 per cent of the country and in all 22 Yemen governorates. Locally, we are working together with two already well-established public institutions – the Social Fund for Development and the Public Works Project – to continue to scale up the delivery of critical services. Our assistance has been vital in preserving their own capacity and helping them to continue providing crucial services to communities.