A Summary of the Yemen Mixed-Renewable Energy Investment Plan

A Summary of the Yemen Mixed-Renewable Energy Investment Plan

May 10, 2024

Together with consulting firm Firnas Shuman, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Yemen has developed a Mixed-Renewable Energy Investment Plan with the aim to increase support for clean energy generation in Yemen. 

The plan identifies the possibilities to maximize the proportion of renewable energy in the overall energy mix given opportunities to integrate sustainable energy to recovery and reconstruction plans while ensuring building back better. 

A Summary of the Yemen Mixed-Renewable Energy Investment Plan summarizes relevant components of the plan, including:

  • Taking stock of renewable energy resources, and relevant technical capacities that could be used for recovery in the country.
  • Projecting the potential demand that could support all recovery needs.
  • Identifying critical energy and technical capacity gaps for meeting different energy needs and recovery requirements including domestic, commercial, industrial and agriculture, etc with forecasts for future demands.
  • Defining the appropriate energy mix to fill the identified gaps maximizing the renewable energy portion including combinations of the most effective, cos-efficient, and practicable energy potential among the wind, solar, geothermal energy options.
  • Identifying the technical capacities that need to be enhanced or developed to support the integration of the energy sector in recovery efforts and in other relevant sectors including to respond to potential impacts of COVID 19.
  • Developing renewable energy recovery investment plan and designs including power generation and modification and upgrading of power transmission, substations, and distribution
  • Ensuring that renewable energy recovery investment plans and designs are resilient and risk-informed given that Yemen is extremely prone to natural disasters and climatic hazards including floods.
  • Developing a comprehensive national energy sector recovery plan including energy efficiency, renewable energy, and rural electrification components.
  • Developing a pipeline of short-term priority renewable energy projects including designs, costing, contract packaging, and implementation schedules of the identified options and associated requirements.
  • Preparing a medium-term public and private sector partnership and capacity development plan.
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