National Water Sector Strategy and Climate


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National Water Sector Strategy and Climate

January 23, 2014

This policy note has carried out an analysis of National Water Sector Strategy (NWSSIP II) from a climate change perspective. The aim is to explore the relevance of NWSSIP II under changing climate. In addition, this note is also grounded on a deliberate review of relevant climate change policy and thematic studies particularly on the water sector in Yemen to substantiate additional contextual underpinnings. This policy note concluded that the effects of climate change are manifest in Yemen and its impact on the water sector is evident.

 Several studies have shown that the water sector is highly vulnerable to climate change impacts for which the underlying adaptive measures are imperative and urgent. On the other hand, although NWSSIP II was updated in 2008 before which several climate change implications on the water sector were highlighted, it can be noted that that no clear reference has been indicated to such emerging challenges nor articulated adaptations were strategized in the updated strategy. Therefore, this policy note seeks to bring into the attention of policy-makers an emphasized action to deal with the additional challenge posed by a changing climate on the water sector through which the capacity of the concerned agencies to ensure sustainable management of water resources will be further constrained. In addition, this policy note intends to present relevant climate change implications advocating for appropriate policy response through proposing applicable revisions for considerations under the current NWSSIP II or otherwise taking note during the next cycle of the water sector policy analysis process.

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