UNDP's COVID-19 Rapid Response Facility

UNDP’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Facility (RRF) interventions complement the overall Yemen United Nations Country Team (UNCT) response by strengthening efforts at the community level through mainstreamed activities that are in line with ongoing UNDP interventions. As s part of UNDP’s mandate, the COVID-19 RRF supports income generation opportunities through humanitarian and development responses.  

In implementing the RRF activities, UNDP Yemen will rely upon local and global experiences in responding to large scale emergencies including health epidemics such as cholera. The aim is to help the Yemen government and authorities to:

  • Prepare for and protect people from the pandemic and its impacts
  • Provide adequate response during the outbreak
  • Recover from the economic and social impacts in the months following it.

The RRF delivers against three major outputs including: 

Output 1: Increased COVID-19 awareness among Yemenis

UNDP will support information dissemination to create public awareness about COVID-19, the risk factors for its transmission, its prevention, control among the community and planned and ongoing testing, caring and treatment efforts. UNDP will also support behaviorally informed messaging to encourage adherence to policy and inspire people towards positive social behavior - washing hands, social distancing, respecting lockdowns (once imposed) etc.

Output 2: Strengthened public health systems

To improve sanitation and hygiene in selected high-risk areas, UNDP is extending the reach of ongoing and pipeline UNDP-supported water, sanitation and hygiene (water systems), solar power and livelihoods (soap and masks) sub-projects to previously uncovered healthcare facilities and public handwashing sites.

Output 3: Livelihoods of vulnerable populations are safeguarded from the disruptive effects of COVID-19

To mitigate the effects of an outbreak on the livelihoods of the poor, ensure food and nutrition security and respond to critical COVID-19 preparedness and response needs, UNDP is partnering with - and providing grants to - local civil society organizations, women and youth groups to: (a) sustain operations of existing community-prioritized micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs); (b) provide knowledge on COVID-19 transmission and prevention; and, (c) equip with skills to produce and distribute basic preventive materials like masks to local healthcare facilities, and soap for handwashing at UNDP-supported sub-project sites, public handwashing sites and household use.

Advocacy and Awareness Campaigns

To help the spread of misinformation, UNDP has developed a series of posters, radio campaigns and 10 video snippets that are being disseminated to the Yemeni public to help raise COVID-19 awareness and to help curb the spread of the virus.