Apprenticeship programme inspires new beginnings in Lahj Governorate, Yemen

January 17, 2024

Graduates in Radfan District, Lahj Governorate, celebrating their apprenticeship graduation.

ERRYJP / 2023

In Radfan District, Lahj Governorate, 74 young apprentices (35 women) have graduated from a training programme to support their success in the local job market.

The apprenticeship programme in Lahj Governorate is implemented through the Joint ERRY III Programme, ''Supporting Resilient Livelihoods, Food Security, and Climate Adaptation in Yemen,” co-funded by the European Union and the Government of Sweden, and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the International Labor Organization, and the World Food Programme. Together with implementing partners, the organizations work together to strengthen sustainable livelihoods and access to basic services across seven governorates in Yemen: Hajjah, Hodeidah, Lahj, Abyan, Taiz, and Saadah.

The initiative aims to empower individuals with the skills needed for the most demanded jobs in the local market, creating a ripple effect of positive change. 

During a recent graduation ceremony attended by the International Labor Organization, local partner Social Fund for Development (SFD), local authorities, and the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training, the achievements of the apprentices was celebrated. Apprentices complete three months of comprehensive classroom and on-the-job training  on sewing, beauty and hairdressing, sweets and pastries, perfumes and incense, motorcycles and mobiles, maintenance, and installation of solar power systems.

The Technical and Educational Manager of Radfan District expressed his support, stating, "I am very happy to be here with all the apprentices who have finished their training programme and gained necessary skills to generate sustainable income and support their community with the most demanded jobs in the market."

Ali Esmail testing newly acquired mobile maintenance equipment received during the graduation ceremony in Radfan District, Lahj Governorate.

ERRYJP / 2023

Ali Esmail, a graduate trained in mobile maintenance, shared his gratitude, "This programme has changed my life. I used to be unemployed, but now I plan on starting my own business in the neighborhood market, where I will repair mobile phones, which is in great demand nowadays." 

Emphasizing the holistic nature of the programme, Ali highlighted the importance of occupational safety and financial management skills acquired during his apprenticeship, ensuring not only technical proficiency but also sustainable income for himself and his family.

Montaha and her trainer Shrooq posing for a photo after receiving certificates and beauty equipment during the graduation ceremony in Radfan District, Lahj Governorate.

ERRYJP / 2023

Montahaa Fadhel Abas, who trained as a beautician, echoed similar sentiments. "I have improved my skills to become a professional beautician and am planning to start my business by opening a small center at my house," she shared. 

Montahaa's vision extends beyond her immediate profession; she aspires to pursue a bachelor's degree in business management, intending to expand her business to district and governorate levels.

Shoorq Abdullah, a trainer within the programme, lauded Montahaa as an inspiring woman who learns fast and is set to play a crucial role in empowering other women in her community. Shoorq remarked, "Montahaa is an inspiring woman who will play a big role in helping other women in her community be empowered and look for similar ways to improve their livelihood and become more independent."

A motorcycle maintenance apprentice receiving his graduation certificate in Radfan District, Lahj Governorate.

ERRYJP / 2023

The graduation ceremony was organized by the International Labour Organization, with Social Fund for Development SFD, and is part of a broader initiative benefiting 802 apprentices across targeted communities. The ERRY III Joint Programme provided theoretical, life skills, and financial literacy training, coupled with on-the-job training from 243 master trainers.