November 21, 2022
Photo: UNDP Tajikistan

On the eve of the Constitution Day, UNDP Tajikistan supported the Ministry of Justice in convening the 8th National Rule of Law Forum on November 4, 2022, in Dushanbe. The annual event provides a unique platform for justice sector stakeholders in Tajikistan to identify and discuss priorities and solutions as well as to collaborate on strategic interventions for long-term goals aimed at improving the rule of law and access to justice in the country. 

This year the forum brought together more than 300 attendees, including officials from the Ministry of Justice, Supreme Court, Union of Lawyers, national civil society organizations, and international non-governmental organizations.  


Mr. Muzaffar Ashuriyon, Minister of Justice presided over the plenary session. Following his opening remarks, the Country Director of the Swiss Cooperation Office (SDC) Ms. Salome Steib commended the efforts of the Ministry of Justice and the participants for their innovative work at the forum in addressing contemporary challenges to the rule of law in Tajikistan. 

UNDP Resident Representative, Mr. Lenni Montiel acknowledged the contribution of previous forums in the adoption of several reform programs and laws in the country. Noting that since 2015 UNDP, in partnership with SDC, has been supporting the Government of Tajikistan in the creation and development of a free legal aid system, Mr. Montiel also stressed the role of the Forum in serving as a platform for accelerating joint action on Sustainable Development Goal 16, ensuring access to justice for all, so no one is left behind.

Following the plenary, attendees had the opportunity to attend focused discussions on three key issues facing the justice sector in Tajikistan: implementation of the law on public services, the development of the juvenile justice system and the state of the free legal system in Tajikistan.