UNDP re-affirms cooperation with Korea’s forestry institute to help developing countries achieve sustainable development

Posted April 1, 2022

28 March, Seoul - UNDP Seoul Policy Centre (USPC) signed a statement of intent (SOI) with the National Institute of Forest Science (NIFoS, President Hyun Park) today, confirming mutual aim to strengthen international cooperation on sustainable forestry.

Since 2018, NIFoS has been sharing Korea’s expertise on sustainable forestry with government stakeholders in UNDP’s partner countries such as Ghana, Myanmar, and Tajikistan through UNDP Seoul Policy Centre’s ‘SDG Partnerships’ programme. Through its ‘SDG Partnerships’, USPC connects countries to practical knowledge, experience, and resources to help countries tackle the challenges of achieving their economic and social development goals.

The re-affirmed partnership is expected to further contribute to the sustainable development of developing countries as Korea’s leading science technology in forestry is disseminated via USPC’s global forestry cooperation network in least developed and middle-income countries. The strengthened collaboration will contribute especially to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 15 for sustainable conservation, restoration, and enhancement of forests and terrestrial ecosystems.

“We are happy to have this opportunity to solidify what has been a long-standing and fruitful partnership over the years. We would like to thank NIFoS for their continuous support and look forward to working together even more closely to share Korea’s extraordinary forestry experience and technical expertise with the world when it is most needed,” commented Dr. Anne Juepner, Acting Director of USPC.

President Hyun Park remarked, “We hope that the signing of this agreement will revitalize Korea’s successful reforestation experience in our partner countries, while maintaining close ties and an active exchange between the two agencies to create synergy through institutional cooperation.”