USPC advocates the importance of sustainable forestry at the XV World Forestry Congress

May 7, 2022
Dr. Anne Juepner, Director a.i. of UNDP Seoul Policy Centre is giving a speech on UNDP and the SDGs at the XV World Foresty Congress in Korea.
UNDP Seoul Policy Centre

The XV World Forestry Congress, one of the largest forestry assemblies in the world, was hosted by Korea Forest Service (KFS) and FAO from 2-6 May 2022 in Seoul, Korea. The week-long congress, themed “building a green, healthy and resilient future with forests.” gave the global forestry community an opportunity to review and analyze key challenges facing the forestry sector and how to address them.

International forum on integrated forest restoration for SDGs

The National Institute of Forest Science (NIFOS), UNDP Seoul Policy Centre (USPC)’s main Korean partner for knowledge exchange on sustainable forestry, co-organized a side event on 3 May 2022. The ‘International forum on integrated forest restoration for SDGs’ was held under the sub-themes of ‘Turning the tide: reversing deforestation and degradation’ and ‘Green pathway to growth and sustainability’.

Dr. Anne Juepner, Director a.i. of USPC, shared UNDP’s strategic thinking on green transition and its integrated offers on environment and energy within the context of forestry. She also shared UNDP’s numerous forestry initiatives that provide targeted support to countries as they strive to achieve their climate goals.

Dr. Juepner further shared USPC’s experience with ‘SDG Partnerships’ on sustainable forestry in countries such as Myanmar, Ghana, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Through its SDG Partnerships, USPC connects countries to practical knowledge, experience, and resources to help them tackle the challenges of achieving their economic and social development goals. Specifically, the SDG Partnerships on sustainable forestry provide technical expertise on community forestry, forestry fire management and forest fire prevention, enhancing forest protection and conducting relevant research to support informed policymaking.

Role of forestry as a nature-based solution to address climate change

On 4 May 2022, USPC congratulated partners from Korea University for co-hosting a timely side event on the ‘role of forestry as a nature-based solution to address climate change’. Over a video address, Dr. Juepner highlighted the significant role forests can play in mitigation efforts as deforestation alone accounts for 45% of greenhouse gas emissions from the land sector. She also stressed UNDP’s continued commitment to place nature at the center of sustainable development and to support countries in advancing their green transitions for a resilient and sustainable future.