INSIGHTS: ISSUE NO 2 _ July 2021


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INSIGHTS: ISSUE NO 2 _ July 2021

July 28, 2021

Dear Friends,

Stephanie Harerimana, pictured above, lives in a Green Model Village, in a solid brick house, with biogas and a kitchen garden. Her children attend a solar-powered school nearby.

Not long ago, Harerimana lived on an isolated island in Ruhondo Lake, without access to electricity, clean water, or health care. School was a dangerous boat ride away.

In her face I see her delight. I also see the magic of partnership.

A partnership between the Government of Rwanda, the United Nations Development Programme, and UN Environment launched the Green Village program in 2011. As it continues to grow, the program shows the deep connections between reducing poverty, protecting the environment, promoting green development, and strengthening justice.

This is a hallmark not only of the Green Villages, but of nearly all the work of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Rwanda. As you will see in the stories here, the challenges faced by the people of Rwanda cannot be approached in silos. Our lives do not change in silos.

The past several months have brought much change to our lives. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge us at every turn, demanding new solutions.

Yet, at UNDP in Rwanda one thing has remained constant: our focus on the most vulnerable.

Together, with the Government of Rwanda, partner organizations around the world, companies, civil society organizations, and citizens we are overcoming barriers and building a greener, more prosperous Rwanda.

I cannot thank you enough for your partnership as we continue this journey together.

In solidarity,

Maxwell Gomera

Resident Representative

UNDP Rwanda