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March 5, 2021

A very warm welcome to this first edition of the UNDP in Rwanda Insights. This quarterly publication provides a brief overview of the work of the United Nations Development Program in Rwanda and tells extraordinary stories of our partners as well as ordinary people who are putting in a good shift to build a better, inclusive and greener Rwanda.

Over the past year, Covid-19 has enveloped the entire globe and changed it dramatically. It has resulted in horrific human deaths and transformed our way of life. Covid-19 has also altered among other things how we enjoy our democracy.

Remarkably, we are asking people to give up some civil liberties in order to enjoy liberty and freedom. There are many today who regard Covid-19 measures, including vaccination, social distancing and quarantine as assaults on personal freedom. Yet, it is only because of vaccination, social distancing and quarantine that we even have our freedom!’

Explaining that paradox, and fostering firm but just interactions in society is a challenge confronting governments and development professionals alike.

At UNDP we have doubled down our efforts to support the people and government of Rwanda to overcome this and other challenges.

Every year is different. We remain optimistic that 2021 will be better. We have started witnessing green shoots of hope through science and technology breakthroughs for fighting Covid-19 in Rwanda and across the globe.

Recently, we deployed three UV-C light disinfection robots through the Ministry of Health, in partnership with the Ministry of ICT and Innovation and the Government of Japan. These represent yet another example of our resolve to defeat Covid-19.

We are also maintaining focus on the many issues that need to be resolved to make our society more perfect. These include reducing poverty and inequality, creating jobs and developing wealth opportunities.

My vote of thanks to the UNDP-Rwanda team, UNDP regional and headquarters offices, the Government of Rwanda, our Development Partners, Private Sector and Civil Society.

Together we have achieved much and together we will achieve more and better!


                                                                                Maxwell Gomera

                                                                                Resident Representative

                                                                                UNDP Rwanda

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