Individual Consultant to conduct a Governance portfolio Evaluation

Country: RWANDA Description of the assignment: Individual Consultant to conduct a Governance portfolio Evaluation

Project name: Promoting Gender Accountability in the Private Sector in Rwanda

Period of assignment/services: 45 days counted from the date of contract signing by both parties.


The Request for Proposal is available HERE as a downloadable file

Annex 1- TORs-Governance Projects Portfolio Evaluation


Annex 3- Offerors Letter to UNDP Confirming Interest and Availability

Proposal should be submitted by email to no later than Wednesday August 18,2021 at the following address:

United Nations Development Programme

KN 67 Street No 4; P.O Box 445, Kigali

Attention: Mbasa Rugigana - Head of Procurement

Tel: +250590400, Fax: +25025276263

Any request for clarification must be sent in writing, or by standard electronic communication to the address or e-mail indicated above. UNDP Rwanda will respond in writing or by standard electronic mail and will send written copies of the response, including an explanation of the query without identifying the source of inquiry, to all consultants.

Maxwell Gomera UNDP

Resident Representative