COP27: A chance to act

Towards a green, sustainable, and climate-resilient future

We have no time to lose.

Climate and nature crises are not inevitable. Despite the current political and economic challenges the world is facing, we continue to see progress. The second generation of national climate pledges under the Paris Agreement, or Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), are an important step to bend the curve of carbon emissions. Change is possible.


Conference of the Parties 27 (cOP27)

The 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) will take place from November 6 to 18 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. As we face the collective threat of climate change, COP27 is an opportunity for world leaders to show solidarity — and take concerted action — when we need it most.

COP27 is an opportunity to stand on the right side of history by delivering on the commitments made through scaled-up political will, technical and financial support to drive the transformation toward net zero and climate resilient pathways.


UNDP’s Nature, Climate and Energy Portfolio supports governments in defining and implementing their climate commitments and policies to align them with long-term net-zero pathways. This includes an extensive portfolio of adaptation and mitigation projects across over 140 countries, helping to deliver on these climate-related development priorities. UNDP also works closely with civil society to empower key actors to inform and engage in inclusive and bold climate action. This is done through several interconnected corporate offers related to climate change:

  • Our Climate Promise is our flagship initiative and has supported over 120 countries and territories with revising and enhancing their NDCs. This covers 80% of developing countries and is the world’s largest offer of support for NDC processes. With 103 countries having submitted enhanced NDCs, 90% and 95% raising mitigation and adaptation ambition respectively, the Climate Promise is now scaling up support to realize these targets.
  • UNDP’s Sustainable Energy Hub is a network of partners focused on supporting countries to reach the objective of providing 500 million additional people with access to clean and by 2025. 

  • UNDP’s Sustainable Finance Hub takes advantage of UNDP’s unique position as the development arm of the UN system to support governments, the private sector and international financial institutions to accelerate financing for the SDGs.

  • The Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BioFin), present in 40 countries, seeks to respond to the urgent global need to divert more finance towards global and national biodiversity goals by working with governments, civil society, vulnerable communities, and the private sector to catalyze investments in nature.

  • Our SIDS Offer supports Small Island Developing States (SIDS), the most vulnerable countries to climate change, through investment in climate action, blue economy and digital transformation with sustainable development finance as a cross-cutting enabling lever.

  • UNDP’s Ocean Promise, to catalyze progress on SDG14 (life below water) to support 100 coastal countries realize their maximum potential of their blue economies, affecting more than 3 billion people who rely on oceans for their livelihoods, jobs, and food security. 


In addition to showcasing successful progress on the ground and supporting developing country delegations, UNDP Egypt is supporting the COP27 Presidency on a wide range of activities. Have a look at our agenda of events at different locations during COP27.

UNDP stands ready to support an inclusive and successful COP27 and to send strong signals of hope that the Paris Agreement is working through:

  • UNDP’s Flagship Event in partnership with UNFCCC and ILO “Advancing Nationally Determined Contributions: Signs of Progress” will be on November 15th, on advancing implementation of, and investments in, the NDCs. Register here.

  • A daily hour-long broadcast from the COP27 venue through our partnership with the We Don’t Have Time initiative. Through the European Broadcasting Union, we will distribute a daily highlight of the broadcast hour to over 9,000 TV newsrooms across the globe.

  • As part of our Don’t Choose Extinction campaign, with Frankie the Dinosaur helping UNDP to reach a broader audience to support the shift away from fossil fuels, Frankie will make a physical appearance at the COP venue.

  • We will be showing videos of our webby-award winning campaign “Dear World Leaders” inside the blue zone at the venue and bringing people’s voices to decisionmakers.

  • A UNDP-support project is also helping to ensure a “green” Sharm El-Sheikh, through installation of solar panels, expanding Protected Areas, and decreased use of plastics in the city and at the COP.


We can still make a difference. But we have to act now. 

Action. Solidarity. Accountability.