PIONEERING CHANGE: Ghana's Bold Leap into Citizen Science for Public Service Satisfaction

February 2, 2024

In a pioneering move towards citizen-centric data collection, we have now launched a groundbreaking pilot project in Ghana to measure SDG Indicator 16.6.2 through Citizen Science. With an app that empowers everyone, including people with disabilities, to report and enhance satisfaction with public services. 

Ghana has unveiled the Public Services Satisfaction (PSS) App, a groundbreaking tool aimed at measuring the satisfaction of citizens with their last public service experiences. Developed in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS), the PSS App empowers individuals, including those with disabilities, to actively contribute to the improvement of public services in health, education, and government-issued identification services. This citizen science initiative is a crucial step in achieving SDG Indicator 16.6.2, focusing on the proportion of the population satisfied with their last experience of public services. Ghana officially launched the PSS App pilot project in two municipalities, Ga West and Suhum. The initiative, driven by the UNDP and GSS, aims to gather real-time feedback from citizens, enhancing the understanding of public service quality and accessibility. The app ensures anonymity and adherence to data protection laws. The launch signifies a transformative approach to data collection and official statistics, fostering inclusivity, transparency, and empowering communities to actively participate in shaping the delivery of public services. 

Stay tuned for further news on this pilot! 

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