Overcoming the Data Gap on SDG 16: Tools and Approaches to Accelerating Data Collection and Reporting on SDG 16

February 18, 2021


UNDP, UNODC and OHCHR organized a side event at the UN Statistical Commission on challenges and opportunities to address the data gap on SDG 16.

Sustainable Development Goal 16 aimed at promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, providing access to justice for all and building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels has been considered an enabler across the 2030 Agenda, and countries are linking it to their national development plans and strategies. Nonetheless, it is urgently needed to invest in improved tools and approaches and improved coordination at global, regional, and national levels to accelerate SDG 16 implementation and inform COVID-19 responses that mitigate the pandemic's adverse effects on those most left behind, not least to address the significant data gap on SDG 16.

This session showcased some of the country experiences on developing a survey tool on SDG 16 which is currently being piloted in 8 countries. The survey aims to provide a coherent instrument that countries can use to measure progress on multiple survey-based indicators on SDG 16, including those related to governance, corruption, access to dispute resolution mechanisms, discrimination, violence, and trafficking in persons. This session aimed to provide an overview of the SDG16 Survey Module Tool, share national experiences on challenges and opportunities on SDG 16 measurement and promote discussion on the lessons learned.

Event recording