Mainstreaming Gender in the Poverty-Environment and Climate Change Nexus

UNDP-UNEP Poverty-Environment Action for the SDGs (PEA) Webinar Series

October 13, 2022
Event Details

18 October 2022

10:00-11:30 East African Time (UTC+03:00)


The UNDP-UNEP Poverty-Environment Action for Sustainable Development Goals (PEA) has been applying a gender and rights-based approach to integrating poverty-environment objectives which include:

  • Influencing national and, where applicable, sub-national budgets; and enhancing coherence of relevant policies, plans and budgets
  • Enabling legal, regulatory and fiscal reform
  • Improving the evidence base for demonstrating the impact of poverty- environment mainstreaming policy changes
  • Strengthening public sector capacity to engage the private sector and promote quality investment in support of environmental sustainability and climate objectives for poverty eradication
  • Strengthening advocacy for poverty-environment mainstreaming and the role of “champions” in the public sector, parliament, civil society and the private sector
  • Enabling strategic partnerships and improving coordination and complementarity with other development actors and initiatives at the country level

During its implementation, PEA has strengthened its working relationship with UN Women at global, regional and country levels which has enhanced gender mainstreaming in development of gender tools, capacity building, awareness raising and policy analysis, thereby influencing a number of sector policies. This partnership has scaled up advocacy of gender mainstreaming to: promote policy implementation and programmed action to increase the participation of women in policy (SDG target 5.5), enhance women’s ownership and control over natural resources including land (SDG targets 1.4 and 5.a) and increase women’s productivity and strengthen their climate resilience in the agriculture sector (targets 2.3 and 2.4).

These efforts have resulted in concrete achievements and lessons learned in gender mainstreaming in poverty-environment and climate change objectives. This includes gender mainstreaming in the agriculture sector, in climate budget, and environmental investments among others. In this regard, PEA organized a knowledge sharing webinar on Mainstreaming Gender in Poverty-Environment and Climate Change Objectives on 18 October 2022 at 10:00-11:30 EAT/9:00-10:30 CEST. The Webinar brought together PEA countries, Technical Assistance Projects, Partners and other stakeholders working on gender mainstreaming in environment and natural resource management sectors, to share lessons and approaches on gender mainstreaming.

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