Promoting Information Integrity in Elections

October 10, 2022
Emilie Andresen

In May 2022, UNDP launched an Action Coalition on Information Integrity in Elections as part of the Danish Government’ Tech for Democracy initiative.  Among its activities, the Action Coalition plans to launch an online consultation to explore the key concerns and responses to elections-related information pollution in diverse contexts. This four-week exercise will also build a knowledge exchange which will aim to inform and strengthen global and national level mechanisms, decisions, and programmatic options to promote information integrity in elections.

Addressing technology-enabled information pollution in the context of elections is a relatively new field. However, the deployment of sophisticated disinformation campaigns is now common tactic to influence democratic processes across the world. In response to this challenge and under the Tech for Democracy initiative, the Action Coalition on Information Integrity in Elections convenes global experts in the fields of elections, information integrity, media, etc to identify collectively what works and ensure learning and cross-fertilisation of efforts.

The goal of this Spark Blue consultation is to capture experiences, learning and knowledge from electoral stakeholders to inform and strengthen the findings of the Action Coalition.  Specifically the results of the consultation will feed into an outcome paper from the Action Coalition on Information Integrity in Elections.

Elections are under attack around the world. The deployment of sophisticated disinformation tactics is now a common strategy to influence democratic processes. We invite you to join us, as we try to develop a consensus about the scale of the problem, what responses work and why, and how we can mobilise digital technologies effectively in this fight.

The consultation rooms are fully moderated and open 24/7, you can drop in any time to have your say.