The International Day for Universal Access to Information

September 28, 2022


Universal access to information means that everyone has the right to seek, receive and impart information. This right is an integral aspect of Freedom of Expression. The media plays an essential role in informing the public about issues of interest but it also relies on the ability to seek and receive information. This makes the right to universal access to information intertwined with the freedom of the press. As such, universal access to information is a pillar of healthy, inclusive, informed, and democratic societies.

International Day for Universial Access to Information (iduai) over time: Access to Information and its international recognition from 2016 to 2022
OGC CELEBRATES The International Day for the Universal Access to Information 

The UNDP Oslo Governance Centre and UNESCO in anticipation of the International Day for the Universal Access to Information (IDUAI) recently hosted a joint eConsultation ‘Accessing Information in the Digital Era’ that received a good response from various experts globally.

Participants at the global 2022 celebrations of Universal Access to Information reaffirmed the commitment by Member States to recognising and respecting the fundamental right of access to information and covered the principles of good governance and related issues raised by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies with regard to access to information. This reaffirmation of the commitment to the right to access information, is crucial to the advancement of human rights and to sustainable development. 

The eConsultation was an opportunity to provide feedback, remarks, and concerns on how the Tashkent Declaration can best respond to current trends and challenges - in line with the Agenda 2030 implementation especially SDG 16.10.2 related to Access to Information and its legal framework. The comments, views and questions were collated into a summary that was presented on the 28th September on IDUAI.

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