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To complement the many formal and established consultations and sessions with its Member States and partners, UNDP introduces the “Open Dialogue Series” to engage a broader audience in its daily work.  UNDP boasts a range of themes and mandates, including poverty, governance, resilience, environment, energy and gender equality, and tackling contemporary issues from inequality to migration as well as emerging international emergencies such as COVID-19.


Please register and participate in the upcoming Open Dialogues below and please do review the ones already concluded here, listed chronologically. 


UNDP looks forward to meeting you at the next session! 




1 June, 2021


Addressing the development dimensions of COVID-19 vaccination


with Dr. Peter Singer, Assistant Director General and Special Advisor to the Director-General, WHO and 

Mandeep Dhaliwal, Head of UNDP’s HIV, Health, and Development Group 



Stronger collaboration, including through multilateralism, is essential for responding to complex multidimensional crises like COVID-19. The UN Comprehensive Response to COVID-19, and its health, development and humanitarian pillars, offers a strong framework for addressing challenges of this nature. And UNDP is doing its part. In the context of our broader support to the response and recovery, we are supporting countries to develop integrated approaches that drive equity, resilience, and sustainability in COVID-19 vaccination. UNDP is working with government, UN, and other partners, under the framework of national vaccine deployment plans and the leadership of the UN RCs, WHO and UNICEF.


UNDP’s approach to address the development dimensions of C19 vaccination is an integral part of our overall COVID-19 response and is linked to our integrator role and technical lead role in the UN’s socio-economic response framework. UNDP is playing its part to support countries in addressing the development dimensions of the COVID-19 response, improving equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines, while driving an inclusive, and green response and recovery.


Learn more about our vaccine offer and how through collaboration and partnerships at the country level, we are supporting national partners with digital solutions for vaccine delivery; strengthened data for vaccine equity; and greening vaccine delivery.



Video: Watch the full session



16 November, 2020


The Human Development Report - 30 Years of Thought Leadership


with Pedro Conceição, Director, Human Development Report Office


This year marks the 30th anniversary of UNDP’s flagship publication: The Human Development Report.
Taking stock of the sheer wealth of knowledge accumulated over the years is in and of itself a valuable exercise, but what matters the most is how we can rearticulate the very human development framework to incorporate new elements and stay relevant in this rapidly transforming society.
The COVID-19 crisis is functioning as a magnifying lens, exposing the magnitude of the global challenges but also how much the development landscape has evolved and are on an accelerated path to change even more.
This Global Dialogue will delve into the latest analyses and data tools available to support UNDP partners’ efforts to build back towards more equitable and sustainable societies.


Video: Watch the full session.


7 October, 2020 


Gender Equality: Turn it around for Gender Equality


with Raquel Lagunas, Senior Policy Advisor, Gender Team BPPS.


The COVID-19 crisis is exposing the implications of existing gender inequalities in health, education, economic security, the digital divide, and many other areas. Its warning is clear: COVID-19 threatens to undo many of the gains on gender equality over the past 25 years. Women’s economic security is in jeopardy; gender poverty gaps are widening; gender-based violence is resurgent; and girls’ education and maternal health are threatened.

This Global Dialogue will discuss COVID-19’s impact on gender equality and concrete strategies to strengthen UNDP partners’ efforts to build back towards more gender equitable societies. We will share findings and evidence from socio-economic assessments, and from our new flagship initiatives, including the UNDP-UN Women Global Response Tracker and work on changing social norms for better programming.


Download:  Slide presentation.


Video: Watch the full session.



7 October, 2020 


Financing the SDGs and COVID-19 Recovery


with Marcos Neto, Director of Financial Sector Hub, BPPS & BERA.


UNDP will continue the discussion on how to accelerate financing towards the SDG and sustainable green recovery.  This will include how UNDP can “Build Better Forward” and apply a more robust approach to financing, including long-term strategies that guide how public and private financing policies can be shaped and adapted to mobilize the required investments.


Video: Watch the full session



28 August, 2020


Governance: Building a New Social Contract


with Sarah Lister, Head of Governance Team, BPPS.


UNDP supports governments - national and subnational - in making sustainable choices that build social capital, deliver inclusive services, uphold the rule of law, maintain momentum for conflict prevention and peaceful transitions, and open civic space. These actions can lay the foundations for the future: a new rights-based social contract fully reflective of people’s agency that builds trust in institutions and closes the gap between people and the state.


Download : Slide presentation  


Video: Watch the full session



27 August, 2020


Green Economy


with Pradeep Kurukulasuriya, Executive Director - Environmental Finance, GEF, BPPS.


The COVID-19 outbreak is a 1-in-100 year event. The root causes of the pandemic – and the health emergency and economic fallout it has unleashed – are inextricably linked to the ongoing dual nature-climate crisis. The frequency and intensity of climate-induced disasters, dangerous loss of biodiversity, and ocean acidification are warning signs that we have breached our planetary boundaries. UNDP is supporting governments to reclaim a path towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Climate Change Agreement through practical solutions, strategies and fiscal and monetary policies that simultaneously respond to immediate recovery needs and medium to longer-term green, inclusive economic growth.


Read the presentation here. Watch the Open Dialogues for Green Economy here


Download : Slide presentation


Video: Watch the full session



24 July, 2020


Digital Disruption


with Robert Opp, Chief Digital Officer.


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated demand for digital technologies, from telemedicine to virtual schooling to digital cash transfers. Millions of children are out of school in low- and middle-income countries due to poor connectivity and lack of infrastructure; fewer women than men can use digital services because women are less likely to be connected or own mobile phones. UNDP is promoting digital approaches in post-COVID recovery efforts to help governments keep their doors open and close the digital divide.


Download : Slide presentation


Video: Watch the full session



23 July, 2020


Social Protection: Uprooting Inequalities with Mansour Ndiaye


UNDP’s COVID-19 offer focuses on social protection: protecting people from multiple vulnerabilities, targeting the poorest and most vulnerable, and using the SDGs as our compass. Social protection will be central to uprooting the multidimensional inequalities that permeated societies before COVID-19, and that are starkly visible today.


Download : Slide presentation


Video: Watch the full session