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UNDP civil society advisory committee

The UNDP Civil Society Advisory Committee (CSAC) is an advisory body of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Established in 2000 to systematize the consultation process between UNDP and civil society actors at the global level, the CSAC currently functions as the main institutional mechanism for dialogue between civil society leaders and UNDP senior management.

By contributing independent perspectives and critical analyses on different aspects of UNDP´s work, the CSAC has had, over the years, a significant positive impact on the organization. Among other things, this resulted in a strengthening of the civic engagement dimension of UNDP’s policies and programmes, as well as in greater collaboration between UNDP and a broad range of civil society constituencies.

The CSAC meets annually in New York. Members serve on the Committee in an individual capacity, for an average period of three years.

 Download the CSAC Operating Framework (PDF)