Gender Equality Dispatch – Issue 3 - March 2019

Posted March 11, 2019

In this newsletter you will find four original articles from Country Offices featuring Pakistan, the Solomon Islands, Cambodia and Bangladesh, a photo-story on unpaid care and domestic work, an article on workplace discrimination against LGBTI people, an interview on Gender and Climate Change Financing, and 4 blogs addressing issues such as innovation and gender-based violence. 


  • Pakistan: Bolstering Women’s Independence and Inclusion in Pakistan’s Democratic Processes
  • Solomon Islands: From chickens to baby goods: The journey to business success in the Solomon Islands
  • Overcoming Employment Discrimination: The Case for Economic Inclusion of LGBTI People
  • Cambodia: Women in demining: breaking barriers to serve with a purpose in Cambodia
  • Bangladesh: Bangladeshi women withstanding climate change
  • A woman’s place is in the home…? How design thinking can challenge entrenched social attitudes


  • Interview with Evelyne Batamuliza : Gender & Climate Change Financing


  • Thimphu’s new journey to reduce violence against women and children begins with innovation
  • Women in Innovation: Far More than a Matter of Achieving Gender Equity by Christine Wellington Moore
  • My solo ride on the subway by Susie Marie
  • Dressed for Equality by Luciana Arlidge


Koh Miyaoi, Regional Gender Adviser,

Susie Marie, Gender Team,

Luciana Arlidge, Gender Team,

Mahtab Haider, Communications Specialist,

Cedric Monteiro, Communications Specialist