Economic Policy in Myanmar

Economic Policy in Myanmar

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Economic Policy in Myanmar

June 1, 2023

Regional office publication

The State Administration Council (SAC)’s opaque decision-making, confusing communications, and numerous policy changes in response to immediate economic challenges have reversed the decade of economic liberalization efforts of the pre-military takeover period. The SAC has focused on the expansion of the regulatory state, increased the role of state-owned enterprises and its affiliations, encouraged to practice self-sufficient economy, and promoted its ties with key external partners such as China, Thailand, Russia, and India. Some argue that the SAC is reflecting the practices of regimes that reigned the country consecutively before the political transition period in 2011.  

This briefing note examines the phases of economic policy since the military takeover and highlights the three key themes driving the SAC’s economic agenda, intending to provide support for UNDP partners’ understanding and engagement with Myanmar’s economic policy landscape. The brief also explains the question “How successful has the SAC been in pursuing its three themes? Have these themes and policies been beneficial for the economy of Myanmar?” Consequently, it also documents a non-exhaustive list of selected key policies and announcements of the SAC in the interested thematic areas from 5 March 2021 to 20 April 2023.