UNDP Mongolia organizes training for Mongolia’s key stakeholders in developing National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights

Posted September 24, 2020

Ulaanbaatar, 24 September 2020, UN House

Ulaanbaatar, 24 September 2020: UNDP Mongolia in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, with the support of UNDP’s Regional Office in Bangkok and Business and Human Rights Asia Programme, organizes the virtual training on Business and Human Rights at the UN House. The event is being organized at a crucial time as human rights violations around the world are on the rise due to Covid-19 pandemic and it is the first ever large-scale awareness building event involving multi-sector stakeholders who will be directly engaged in the development and implementation of the national agenda for Business and Human Rights in Mongolia.

In 2011, the United Nations Human Rights Council endorsed the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, world’s most authoritative, and normative framework for promoting responsible business practices, and to provide a way forward. The three key pillars of the principles included State duty to protect human rights in business operations, businesses’ responsibility to respect human rights, and both to provide remedies when violations occur.

The Principles are now being widely adopted by nations around the world and Mongolia has initiated development of its National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights in 2018 led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The first National Baseline Assessment on Business and Human Rights is developed in cooperation with Ministry of Foreign Affair and it will become a strong foundation for developing National Action Plan. Moreover, the key experts from the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights and Business and Human Rights Asia visited Mongolia in 2019 and provided guidance and recommendations on National Action Plan development roadmap.

Building on these momentum, UNDP Mongolia will further assist the Government of Mongolia in development of the National Action Plan through technical advices, development policies, due diligence processes, and potential remedies for businesses and supporting civil society organizations and human rights defenders to improve accountability and to promote sustainable future. In this connection, UNDP acknowledges the partnership with the European Union on the Business and Human Rights initiative in the Asia-Pacific region and the European Union is ready to share experiences and contribute to the process.

“The development of the National Action Plan would be an instrumental step toward establishing the necessary legal and policy framework setting a clear guideline for businesses to follow and implement in respect to human rights and appropriate remedy mechanisms. As the business and human rights principles are seemingly fresh topic in Mongolia, UNDP is pleased to support the Government of Mongolia to further accelerate the Country’s progress on business and human rights.” said Ms. Elaine Conkievich, Resident Representative at UNDP in Mongolia.

“The European Union has a strong interest to improve implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights worldwide to enhance the level playing field for its companies, ensure a better prevention of abuses connected to business activities and access to remedy when abuses occur.” Said H.E. Mr Traian Hristea, Ambassador of the European Union to Mongolia.


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