Neitha Halleh?


The UNDP Maldives Accelerator Lab operate on the premise that the solutions to the problems that we are seeking to address, already exist and a lot of those solutions and deep-rooted knowledge and thinking that could contribute to the development of holistic solutions are out there already! With you! 

And that is why solutions mapping is a crucial component of our practice at the Accelerator Lab. 

The primary objective of our solutions mapping exercises is to map and provide visibility to existing local solutions and local innovators.  

When we map local solutions, it is never with the intent of evaluating them but rather with the intention of learning from what has is already being done at the grassroots. We believe that:  

  • There could be multiple solutions to any one single problem. 

  • Every solution must start from somewhere, it is never perfect and there is always room for improvement 

  • Real magic happens when you share your great ideas and collaborate with other great minds passionate about solving the same challenges that keeps you up at night!  

Call for Sustainable Tourism Solutions  #fathuruveshikan

Linking to this year’s theme for World Tourism Day - Tourism for Inclusive Growth, our second solutions mapping exercise is going to focus on sustainable tourism. With this we aim to map existing local solutions that ensure direct and equitable economic, social, and environmental benefits to the local community from tourism.

A solution could be defined as a product, service offer, business model, organizing principle or community practice.

A solution can be owned by an individual, government institution, civil society organisation or even a business.

A solution can be at different stages. 

It can be: 1) just an idea; 2)something that you are currently working to develop; or even 3) something that has been tested and proven.

So, if you have got a solution, we want to hear from you.  

Share your solutions here:

The deadline to share your solutions is: 30th November 2021 

During this second solutions mapping exercise, we will also In addition to this opening call for solutions, as part we will also be conducting other crowd sourcing activities  as well as where existing solutions and immersive field work. Stay tune for more information on that as well! 

ތިޔަ ފަރާތުގެ އަތުގައި ހައްލެއް ވާނަމަ، އެ ހައްލަކާއި ބެހޭ އިތުރު މައުލޫމާތު، 30 ނޮވުމްބަރު 2021 ގެ ކުރިން އަޅުގަނޑުމެންނާއި ހިއްސާކޮށްލަށްވާށެއެވެ. ހައްލުތައް ހުށަހެޅުއްވުމަށް:

އިތުރު މަޢުލޫމާތު