Call for Proposals for NGOs Supporting the Creation of Small Businesses and Strengthening the Livelihoods of Returnees in Kikla through Asset Recovery

Call for Proposals for NGOs Supporting the Creation of Small Businesses and Strengthening the Livelihoods of Returnees in Kikla through Asset Recovery

June 19, 2022


UNDP aims to initiate an Asset Recovery initiative for Kikla an approach which helps residents and returnees to Kikla who lost their livelihoods and productive assets due to the conflict, to replace their lost assets, or recover them partially, as a boost to restart their economic activity and reestablish their livelihoods.

This Call for Proposals is specifically related to the project UNDP Strengthening Local Capacities for Resilience and Recovery Project (SLCRR) Top-Up, funded by the EU, which aims at responding to the many conflicts and human mobility-induced challenges, that impact negatively citizens’ access to essential service, source of jobs and livelihoods, the social cohesion and security of communities. 

The Call for Proposals aims to engage a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) as a Responsible Party to support Asset Recovery in Kikla.

Objectives and expected outputs/deliverables

The key objectives of this project are:

  1. The affected population is capable of supporting themselves through the restart of their livelihood activities and reducing dependency on aid for a longer period.
  2. Recover the lost/damaged livelihood productive assets of affected households and protect erosion of the household’s other remaining assets and capacities.

Detailed objectives, related outputs, deliverables and key considerations are provided in terms of Reference – Annex I.

Eligibility and qualification criteria  

The applicants have to meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Non-governmental, charitable, non-profit organization operating in Libya in humanitarian or development projects for at least one year;

  • At least one proven project in implementing Asset Recovery through distribution-in-kind or Cash grants to households implemented in disaster or conflict settings, not limited to Libya, is required.

  • The geographical areas of operation of the NGO match the selected municipality (Kikla).

  • Previous experience in conducting business training in the context of emergency livelihoods is a strong asset.

  • Previous experience in project administration from the UN agencies is a strong asset.

  • Availability of human resources that will ensure due quality and timely implementation of the contract. NGOs must have a team of at least four or more members satisfying the requirements that are provided in terms of Reference (TOR) – Annex I.

The parameters that will determine whether an NGO is eligible to be considered by UNDP will be based on the Capacity Assessment and risk assessment that will be conducted by reviewing the information provided by the NGO through the Capacity Assessment Checklist (CACHE) and the Request from information (RFI)  for NGO that should be duly completed and submitted alongside supporting documents Request.  

Capacity Assessment Checklist (CACHE) For NGO template – Annex III.

Budget size:

The overall indicative grant pool amount made available under this Call for proposal is US Dollars 200,000.00, targeting from 80 to 120 households. UNDP reserves the right not to award all available funds should the number and quality of applications not meet the criteria. Moreover, UNDP reserves the right not to fund any proposals arising from this Request for Proposals.


The project will be taking place over a period of 7 months. The applying organizations are requested to submit a clear and detailed work plan for each output/deliverable and the budget within the foreseen timeframe.

Submission Process:

Applicants shall bear all costs related to proposal preparation and submission.

Selected applicants must submit their proposals through by the deadline: of 10th July 2022, with the subject field “UNDP Libya 2022 Asset Recovery Kikla.”

PLEASE make all efforts to provide your proposal not exceeding 10 MB size.

Interested NGOs may obtain further information or clarification by contacting the UNDP Libya office with the subject field “UNDP Libya 2022 Application for Asset Recovery Kikla: Request for information” at the following address: