UNDP Latin America and the Caribbean Working Paper Series




This series aims to disseminate research in progress relevant to advancing our understanding of complex development issues in Latin America and the Caribbean. It feeds on research produced within UNDP initiatives by scholars from the region or interested in the region. It showcases research meant for later publication in other outlets -journals or books- that, for the same reason, has been subject to a demanding peer-review process before appearing as part of the series.

Papers are published in the language in which they were produced.

We present it hoping that it will contribute to improving our knowledge about matters relevant to all in the path towards more equal, productive, sustainable and resilient societies.





Understanding the COVID-19 response in Colombia using Mobility data

Jamie S. Jason, Donald S. Shepard, Arturo Harker Roa, Diana C. Contreras, Santiago Muñoz, Anna G. Sombrio and Diana M. Bowser



El COVID-19 en Colombia: impacto del confinamiento en la actividad delictiva

Laura M. García, Lida T. Sandoval, Daniel C. López, Camilo A. Barajas and Edgar Escobar



Un análisis del efecto de las restricciones a la movilidad sobre la propagación del COVID-19 y la mortalidad en Colombia

Luis E. Olmos, Erica Cruz-Rivera, Marco Dueñas, Mercedes Campi, Gustavo N. Páez-Salamanca and Carlos Castañeda-Orjuela



Understanding the Effect of Compliance with Quarantines and Lockdowns on Domestic Violence Occurrence in Bogotá

Paula Rodríguez Díaz, Oscar Gómez, Douglas Newball, Johan García, Juan Sebastián Moreno, Álvaro Riascos, John David Castro and Jose David Panqueva



El impacto de la pandemia por la COVID-19 sobre la violencia familiar: diferenciando víctimas, tipos de violencia y niveles de riesgo en el Perú

Wilson Hernández, Angelo Cozzubo, José Carlos Aguilar, Denise Ledgard and Jorge Agüero



Unequal Response to Mobility Restrictions: Evidence from the COVID-19 Lockdown in the City of Bogotá

David Castells-Quintana, Paula Herrera-Idárraga, Luis Quintero and Guillermo Sinisterra



Moral Force: Leaders' Actions and Social Distancing

Federico Niccolò Daverio-Occhini, María Montoya-Aguirre and L. Guillermo Woo-Mora



Food Assistance and Mobility During COVID-19 Lockdowns

Monica Mogollon, Juan Mogollon and Catalina Villamil



Follow the Leader? Public Health Messaging and Containment of Mobility During a Pandemic

Sandra Aguilar-Gómez, Eva O. Arceo-Gómez, Elia De la Cruz Toledo and Pedro J. Torres López