COVID-19: Policy Documents

This series aims at drawing from UNDP's own experience and knowledge globally and from the expertise and capacity of our partner think tanks and academic institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean, to promote a collective reflection on the response to the Coronavirus COVID-19 health crisis and its economic and social effects on our societies.



Introduction Evidence, Experience, and Pertinence in Search for Effective Policy Alternatives

Luis F. Lopez-Calva, UNDP-LAC Director.



No 1 A Conceptual Framework for Analyzing the Economic Impact of COVID-19 and its Policy Implications

Constantino Hevia and Andy Neumeyer. Universidad Torcuato di Tella. 



No 2 Suggestions for the Emergency

Santiago Levy. March, 2020. Brookings Institute.




No 3 The Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Venezuela: The Urgency of External Financing

Daniel Barráez and Ana María Chirinos-Leañez. UNDP Venezuela.





No 5 Covid-19 and external shock: Economic impacts and policy options in Peru

Miguel Jaramillo and Hugo Ñopo, GRADE Perú.



No 6 Social and Economic Impact of COVID-19 and Policy Options in Argentina

María Laura Alzúa and Paula Gosis, CEDLAS and PEP.





No 10 Social and economic impact of COVID-19 and policy options in Uruguay

Alfonso Capurro, Germán Deagosto, Federico Ferro, Sebastián Ithurralde and Gabriel Oddone. CPA consultant team | Ferrere.



No 11 Coronavirus in Colombia: vulnerability and policy options 

Andrés Alvarez, Diana León, María Medellín, Andres Zambrano and Hernando Zuleta
Department of Economics, Universidad de los Andes.



No 12 COVID-19 and vulnerability: A multidimensional poverty perspective in El Salvador

Rodrigo Barraza, Rafael Barrientos, Xenia Díaz, Rafael Pleitez and Víctor Tablas | UNDP country office El Salvador.





No 14 A Lessons from COVID-19 for a Sustainability Agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean

Diana Carolina León and Juan Camilo Cárdenas, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia.



No 14 B Latin America and the Caribbean: Natural Wealth and Environmental Degradation in the XXI Century




Diana Carolina León and Juan Camilo Cárdenas, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia.






No 15 Social and Economic Impacts of the COVID-19 and Policy Option in the Dominican Republic






Sócrates Barinas and Mariana Viollaz, UNDP Dominican Republic | CEDLAS, IIE-FCE, Universidad Nacional de La Plata.













No 18 The Coronavirus and the challenges for women’s work in Latin America

Diana Gutiérrez, Guillermina Martin, Hugo Ñopo | UNDP and GRADE.



No 21 Planning a Sustainable Post-Pandemic Recovery in Latin America and the Caribbean

Mauricio Cárdenas y Juan José Guzmán, Columbia University.





No 23 Do we Need to Rethink Debt Policy in Latam?

Federico Sturzenegger, Universidad de San Andrés.





No 25 The impacts of COVID-19 on women’s economic autonomy in Latin America and the Caribbean

Paola Bergallo (Torcuato de Tella University/Fundar), Marcelo Mangini, Mariela Magnelli & Sabina Bercovich (Fundar)





No 27 Social Protection Response to COVID-19 in Brazil

André Portela Souza, Lycia Lima, Camila Magalhaes, Gabriel Marcondes, Giovanna Chaves, Juliana Camargo, Luciano Máximo (FGV EESP Clear)