Heart of Amman

  Heart of Amman

Amman, Jordan

The overall goal of the project is to promote economic opportunities for sustainable livelihoods through urban revitalisation in downtown Amman. UNDP believes that the cultural and historical heritages of any city should be taken into consideration during its development in order to affect change that is in line with the identity and history of its inhabitants. In this way, development acts as a tool not only for economic advancement but also as an expression of the identity of its people. At that end, the project and through “urban acupuncture” aims at stimulating Amman’s local economic growth and reduce inequalities through promoting entrepreneurship among youth and women, attracting tourism, increasing purchasing power, and reactivating public spaces.

Output 1:  Equal access to income-generating opportunities for vulnerable youth, women, and Syrian refugees is promoted through micro-urban interventions.

Output 2: An enabled eco-system for entrepreneurship and innovation development for young men and women in urban contexts.

Output 3: Capacity building for sub-national authorities to strengthen the city socio-economic resilience    



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Inclusive Growth & Sustainable Livelihoods


Government of Japan

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