In depth

The UNDP Community Security & Social Cohesion (CS&SC) Pillar supports the Government of Jordan in enhancing citizen inclusion and reinforcing social cohesion in line with SDG 16. The Pillar works with key relevant government institutions, civil society and the international community to develop an effective collaboration mechanism for sustaining peace and human security at national and community levels. UNDP supports national partners in defining and scaling up strategic policy on social cohesion as well as enhancing access to justice and frameworks for legal aid.

The CS&SC Pillar focuses on three key areas:

1. Social Cohesion & Community Dialogue

Partnering with community-based organizations and civil society, UNDP promotes grassroots initiatives in building trust between civil society and local authorities as part of community development efforts. It further emphasizes the importance of the development of a community dialogue model that highlights the voice of youth, women, and persons with disabilities, with an aim of enhancing social cohesion and promoting human security in the Kingdom.

2. Prevention of Violent Extremism (PVE)

UNDP’s work on PVE in Jordan is twofold: the CS&SC Pillar supports the Government’s efforts in improving the policy and programmatic framework as well as coordination mechanisms within the relevant government institutions. The Pillar also highlights a “whole of society approach” by partnering with civil society in the design and implementation of PVE-related activities. Further, to address the identified needs of civil society and communities, UNDP supports members of the Jordan Prevention Platform to build their capacities in PVE through a participatory and inclusive networking process, which enables sharing knowledge and experience as well as building capacities together. This comprehensive approach is envisaged to increase resilience to violent extremism both at community and national levels.

3. Rule of Law

UNDP Jordan supports the Government in formulating coherent policies in Rule of Law to promote peace, justice and long-term stability. Aligning with recent steps by the Government, the CS&SC Pillar provides technical expertise to the judicial sector and criminal justice system reform. With an aim of achieving greater independence of the judiciary and the implementation of the reforms, UNDP further supports the Government’s efforts in enabling greater compliance with international standards.