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Crisis Prevention & Recovery

Working on Climate Change, Disaster resilience and recovery and energy security


UNDP is working with the Government of Jamaica and other stakeholders to improve Climate Change adaptation and mitigation, with a focus on building national, local and community resilience. UNDP is also working with stakeholders to reduce disaster risks and to ensure that both men and women benefit equally in reducing vulnerability to climate risks and natural disasters, focusing on ‘building back better.’


UNDP is at the forefront of early recovery from disasters, working with a diversity of partners to ensure quick recovery following major crisis events. Typically, recovery work involves mobilization and distribution of disaster relief packages; emergency employment programmes for impacted residents on clean up jobs; and resource mobilization for medium to long term resilience strengthening interventions. We lay foundations for a climate resilient future through support for evidence-based climate resilient policies, based on research. 

UNDP is collaborating with the Government in expanding the penetration of sustainable energy and improving energy efficiency, thereby improving energy security. The programme works to enhance energy efficiency and to ensure synergies between energy policies and other human development considerations. UNDP seeks to create opportunities for continued development of Jamaica's renewable energy options, in support of the government's implementation of its renewable energy sub-policy.
Our work

UNDP has consistently supported Jamaica’s efforts to prepare its National Communication documents to meet the country’s obligations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Support is also provided for cross-sectoral dialogue on climate change issues and implementation of the phase out of ozone-depleting substances. By supporting efforts to involve community members in planning and implementation, UNDP has assisted Jamaica to identify critical strategies to facilitate climate change adaptation. 

UNDP works with government to install renewable energy and efficiency systems in the public sector and in select communities to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide more fiscal space for development spending. Under the Crisis Prevention and Recovery portfolio, UNDP is committed to contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals number 13 – Climate Action; Number seven – Affordable and Clean Energy; Number 1 – No Poverty.