Training Program on Municipal Enterprises for Local Authorities (MELA) was conducted online for Albanian Local Authorities in collaboration with UNDP Albania - Association of Albanian Municipalities-TDBB-UCLG-MEWA-CEMR- Kibar Holding

Posted November 26, 2021

Istanbul, November 23-24,2021 — The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development (IICPSD) has run the “Training Program on Municipal Enterprises for Local Authorities Ahead to Achieving the UN 2030 Agenda” (MELA) for Albania in collaboration with UNDP Albania, Association of Albanian Municipalities, Turkish Union of Municipalities (TDBB), United Cities Local Governments Middle East West Asia Section ( UCLG-MEWA), Council of European Municipalities and Regions, and Kibar Holding. 

IICPSD’s MELA Training Program is structured as a rigorous technical modular seminar providing background on key concepts and recent trends in urbanization and describing how cities can be governed in an inclusive way, explaining different modalities of private sector engagement in basic municipal services and gives a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework while showcasing global good practices of MEs and potential financial instruments in these fields.

The training program was followed by representative from local governments in Albania.

Ms. Gülçin Salıngan – Deputy  Director UNDP IICPSD, Mr. Nuno Queiros– UNDP Albania  Deputy Resident Representative , Mr. Agron Haxhimali- Executive Director of Association of Albanian Municipalities, Mr. Fahri Solak – Secretary General of Union of Turkish World Municipalities, Mr. Frédéric Vallier – Secretary General of CERM , Mr. Mehmet Duman – Secretary General UCLG-MEWA, Mr. Göksal Güngör– General Manager Assan Alüminyum / Kibar Holding Prof. Dr. Tarkan Oktay – Presidency of Turkey Local Authorities Policy Board delivered keynote speeches at the opening ceremony.  

Following a well-attended opening ceremony, the training had started with the presentation of Executive Director of Association of Albanian Municipalities Mr. Agron Haxhimali. During his presentation, Mr. Haxhimali provided current situation of the Municipal Enterprises in Albania.

The training continued by our distinguished instructors modules on localizing SDGs, the role of private sector in development, establishing municipal enterprises, impact investing and integrity risks and risk management. 

IICPSD will continue its effort to raise awareness for building capacity on harnessing the role of the private sector for inclusive urbanization through its knowledge products and training programs. 

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