Partnership Services for Support Unit to the Monitoring Committee on the Japanese ODA Loan Project

Title: Partnership Services for Support Unit to the Monitoring Committee on the Japanese ODA Loan Project (FMA Project)
Status: Ongoing
Duration: 2009-2020
Budget: $US13 million
Coverage: National
SDG: SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals
Partners: The Governments of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region

Programme Summary

Since 2008, UNDP has provided fiducial monitoring services to  the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Government of Iraq on the JICA funded Official Development Loan (ODA) project for socio-economic infrastructure activities implemented by the GoI.

Since then, JICA signed 31 loan agreements for approximately US$7.7 billion, with the GoI, each intended to fund economic and social infrastructure projects and programs that will improve the daily lives of Iraqi people. In order to ensure accountability, transparency and efficiency in project implementation, the GoI and the Government of Japan/JICA jointly established a Monitoring Committee in 2008. UNDP has undertaken a support role, assisting and advising the Committee based on the partnership agreement between JICA and UNDP.

Under this partnership, UNDP works alongside JICA and the Government to monitor projects and develop institutional capacity. UNDP ensures that all the procedures are properly carried out in accordance with JICA guidelines and regulations and identifies bottlenecks pertaining to project implementation, providing analyses and recommendations for action on cross-cutting issues, to accelerate project implementation.

What we have achieved so far

  • Boosted the function of the Monitoring Committee from project specific to structural to support systematic oversight and effective monitoring of government activities;
  • Ensured synergy across the implementing ministries and agencies through the development of knowledge sharing and lessons learnt platforms;
  • Enhanced the ownership of the implementing ministries’ and agencies’ through improved project monitoring; 
  • Enhanced the capacity of the Government of Iraq in project, procurement and financial management through on -the-job and classroom trainings for more than 4,000 
  • Enhanced the capacity of ministries responsible for project oversight and monitoring; 
  • Provided best-practice and lessons learned to ensure a better business environment and investment climate in Iraq.