Mother Earth Day 2024

April 22, 2024

On the occasion of Mother Earth Day 2024, UNDP Iran released an inspiring reel on social media showcasing its initiatives under the Conservation of the Iranian Wetlands Project (CIWP)

Since 2005, CIWP has been at the forefront of wetlands restoration efforts in Iran, a collaborative effort involving the Department of Environment (DoE), the Government of Japan (since 2014), and UNDP.

The CIWP initiatives emphasize sustainable agriculture, biodiversity conservation, socio-economic improvements, and integrated approaches across seven project phases. 

This comprehensive project has engaged 17,500 farmers across 332 villages, leading to significant achievements. Notable outcomes include a 27% reduction in irrigation water usage, decreased reliance on fertilizers and pesticides, and a 16% increase in agricultural yield.

Moreover, the project has established 10 digital hubs that offer digital capacity training to local producers, with a particular focus on economically empowering women.