Good Growth Conference

The Good Growth Conference , celebrated every 18 months in a strategically selected location, is an immersive learning experience which aims to inspire new understanding and foster meaningful global connections at the frontiers of agriculture and deforestation. This one of a kind gathering equips delegates with the network and tools needed to influence the way we produce, finance and demand agricultural commodities.

Organized by UNDP with support from the national host governments, the Conference enriches perspectives and provides new insights among an array of supply chain actors including representatives from government, local authorities, youth, women’s and indigenous groups, technology experts, journalists and business leaders.

Beyond fostering new partnerships and furthering knowledge exchange, the Conference is designed to provide a uniquely desgined in-person meeting for the Green Commodities Community members to boost their networking.

Visit the Good Growth Conference website to learn more about the last edition, and stay tuned for the next one, scheduled to happen in 2021 in Asia.

Good Growth Conference 2019 (Lima and The Amazon) - Highlights Video