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UNDP Germany

Germany - UNDP Partnership

Germany - UNDP Partnership

UNDP’s largest government contributor since 2017, Germany is an indispensable and vital partner in UNDP’s mission to end extreme poverty, reduce inequality, build resilience to crisis and shocks, tackle climate change and accelerate structural transformations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

UNDP collaborates with the German Government in support of a common agenda, addressing the below key areas:

  • Climate – The new federal government of Germany and UNDP seek to actively shape the climate-friendly transformation of national economies. We work together to reduce greenhouse gases, preserve biodiversity, enhance clean energy solutions, and advance a long-term goal of zero-carbon development. 

  • Good Governance – The German government continues to show great interest in the ongoing support to stabilization facilities. Our partnership efforts aim for the peaceful resolution of conflicts, promote the rule of law and access to justice, citizen security and human rights. 

  • Innovation – Germany plays a leading role in fostering innovation and digitalization for sustainable development.  With the co-financing of the Accelerator Labs, Germany supports innovative ways of addressing social and environmental challenges.

  • SDG Financing – Germany’s private sector secures the benefits investing in SDG Finance.

Germany has furthermore provided UNDP with additional resources in support of UNDP’s offer in addressing the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

Established in 2021, the UNDP Germany Representation Office (GRO) in Bonn and its satellite office in Berlin is looking to further deepen and strengthen the partnerships with a broad range of German partners, including private sector, foundations, civil society, academia, think tanks or research institutes.


Download the UNDP - Germany Partnership Brochure 2020.