Philippines: Sustainable Fisheries

The Philippines face the global and national issue of overexploitation of marine fisheries. This overexploitation is the cause of the depletion of fish reserves, endangering both the sustainability of the sector and the livelihoods of many smallholder fishers who are dependent on these resources.

In the face of this global challenge, the Green Commodities Programme works with the Global Marine Commodities for Sustinable Fisheries Project, working in the Philippines, Indonesia, Ecuador and Costa Rica.

The Global Marine Commodities in the Philippines works towards a more sustainable marine sector through the establishment of Marine Commodity Platforms for two commodities at focus, Blue Swimming Crab and Octopus. It does so by mainstreaming sustainability into seafood supply chains through market and policy mechanisms, forging partnerships with the overarching goal of rebuilding fisheries stock, and safeguarding fisheries stocks and livelihoods. It also contributes to the mitigation of overfishing and degradation of marine ecosystems.

Besides the creation and implementation of these two Sustainable Marine Commodities Platforms, the project will also support the advancement of the ongoing Blue Swimming Crab Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIPs) and the preparation and initial implementation of an FIP for the octopus fishery.

The implementation of this project is currently in its initial stages but is firmly on its way to making substantial progress in the upcoming years, with institutional arrangements currently being finalized at the national level.  

Learn more about the Sustainable Marine Commodities Platforms in the Philipines in the Global Marine Commodities website.

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Floradema Eleazar, Team Lead UNDP Climate Action