Green economy and green jobs: Challenges and opportunities


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Green economy and green jobs: Challenges and opportunities

March 11, 2019

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted in September 2015 set up a new global development agenda. The most prominent feature of this agenda is its transformative nature and complex approach that combines social, economic and environmental issues. Improving human well-being and social equity in a way that doesn't harm the environment but reduces environmental risks scarcities requires a new economy: a green economy. The importance of the green economy is recognised in the SDGs, where 56 (or one-third) of the 169 targets relate to the green economy.

This discussion paper explores challenges and opportunities for green economy and green jobs in Europe and Central Asia. It starts with situation overview, provides references to tools, and presents a number of case studies, including Biomass Project in Moldova, Experience of Private Sector Boyner Group in Turkey, Broad and innovative Green Economy Project in Belarus, Towards Carbon Neutral Tourism in Montenegro, City Almaty Sustainable Transport in Kazakhstan, and “The Day after Tomorrow, Greening the Economy” innovations and skill for green jobs approach in Albania.