Réponse aux crises

Restoring core government functions

Armed conflicts or major natural disasters often shatter the capacity of governmental institutions to respond and ensure rapid recovery. UNDP is uniquely placed among development actors due to its flexibility to engage in extension of State authority and restoring core government functions in the immediate aftermath of crisis.

Our objective when assisting government institutions in the aftermath of a crisis is to immediately reinforce national and local government institutions and systems to operate throughout the crisis and to strengthen their capacities to respond more effectively to future ones.

UNDP crisis response package

Our package on Core Government Functions includes three guidance notes for the restoration of local governance; aid management and extension of civil service as well as assessment and project management tools such as capacity assessment questionnaires, monitoring guidelines, and sample project documents and budgets.

UNDP ensures that the humanitarian response to the emergency also contributes to longer-term development objectives and more resilient communities; and helps people move from humanitarian dependency to self-sufficiency as soon as possible.

UNDP ensures public services are functioning as early as possible; affected people are given emergency employment, an income, and trained in construction techniques and other skills to start the process of rebuilding infrastructure and removing rubble; and small businesses are given start up grants, financing and other help to keep communities viable and functioning.

UNDP advisors also work with and train local public servants to make sure that the buildings, infrastructure and communities being reconstructed meet a minimal code of disaster resistance, and that where possible, the underlying triggers of a conflict or disaster are addressed.

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