Socio-economic impact of COVID-19

A series of stories...

"We are a forgotten population."

Local organizations in Panama have continued to reach vulnerable groups during lockdown.  

Understanding digital nomads

Encouraging expatriates to live and work in Serbia.  

A vineyard with a storied past receives an injection of new life

A Bosnian wine that once graced the tables of Austro-Hungarian royalty moves towards 21st century production.  

In Costa Rica, rural women grow their own businesses

Working with organic agriculture and native stingless honey bee production.  

Cleaning up while waiting for tourists to return

A world famous diving destination in Thailand receives help.  

"I cry for no apparent reason."

UNDP launches Syria's first online mental health service.  

EU-funded ‘Let’s Beat Corona’ campaign raises awareness in Iraq

On- and off-line safety messages reach more than 31 million people.  

Azerbaijan leads for women in STEM

UNDP has joined forces with USAID to inspire the next generation of women and girls.  

Nepal begins a green recovery

While the coronavirus has shaken the whole of humanity, in Nepal it has also spurred new thinking about recovery.  

Connecting vulnerable people in Syria

Helping Syrian students living with disabilities to stay connected during the COVID-19 lockdown.  

Growing farming businesses in Sudan

Training and livelihoods for displaced people in Sudan’s South Kordofan state.  

Improving the health of Southeast Asia's largest lake

Tonle Sap in Cambodia is a key habitat for freshwater fish and many endangered species.  

The road less travelled--how to create a new path for sustainable tourism

A leading generator of jobs and opportunities, tourism is, due the global lockdown, now one of the industries most in need of help.  

Turning dung into gold

Biogas changes the lives of Guinean farmers and their families.  

Global Goals Week and COVID-19; a clarion call

This year’s Global Goals Week takes place in the shadow of a planet-wide pandemic.  

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