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Socio-economic impact of COVID-19

A series of stories...

European Union helps Albania rebuild after devastating earthquake

One year on, lives, schools and businesses are coming back.  

Iraqi heroes confronting COVID-19 in Diyala and Kirkuk

UNDP works with the Government of Iraq to build isolation units.  

Floods, locusts and COVID-19

Somalia faces a triple threat which threatens recent progress.  

Waste not, want not; meeting rural energy needs and cutting emissions

A clean, sustainable and cheap energy source guarantees the well-being of rural communities and reduces deforestation in Botswana.  

Distilling herbs with zero waste in eastern Serbia

A forward-thinking farmer develops a formula that allows him to give something to the environment in which he operates.  

Pioneering the Green Sukok in Indonesia

New ways to meet the cost of climate action.  

Building new lives after decades of conflict

In Sri Lanka family-run businesses promote a peaceful recovery.  

A "country of friends" greens its capital city

The COVID-19 pandemic has awakened an interest in transformational change.  

Masked opportunities

When businesses are seeing dark days due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations in Nepal have been helping women make steady incomes.  

What's Next

As the economic and societal impact of COVID-19 worsens, we face hard choices but also tremendous opportunities.  

"We are a forgotten population."

Local organizations in Panama have continued to reach vulnerable groups during lockdown.  

Understanding digital nomads

Encouraging expatriates to live and work in Serbia.  

Covid-19 & Poverty

How the coronavirus is going to affect the fight against poverty  

A vineyard with a storied past receives an injection of new life

A Bosnian wine that once graced the tables of Austro-Hungarian royalty moves towards 21st century production.  

In Costa Rica, rural women grow their own businesses

Working with organic agriculture and native stingless honey bee production.