Who to contact

The Procurement Training Unit of PSU is located in UN City, Copenhagen.

Procurement Training Unit
E-mail: procurement.training@undp.org
Torben Soll
Procurement Advisor
E-mail: torben.soll@undp.org
Phone: (+45) 4533 6060
Marco Søsted
Procurement Officer
E-mail: marco.sosted@undp.org
Phone: (+45) 4533 6056
Andria Iskau
Procurement Officer
E-mail: andria.iskau@undp.org
Phone: (+45) 4533 6043
Anne Christensen
Procurement Associate
E-mail: anne.christensen@undp.org
Phone: (+45) 4533 6045
Deborah Singer
Procurement Assistant
E-mail: deborah.singer@undp.org
Phone: (+45) 4533 6047
Shaun Spiesser 
Administrative Assistant
E-mail: shaun.spiesser@undp.org
Phone: (+45) 4533 6064


More about UNDP procurement training

To learn more about the courses and UNDP/CIPS partnership, and to register for courses, go to training.undp.dk

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