Helen Clark: Speech at Side Event on Implementing the New Development Framework in Countries Affected by Conflict and Fragility

Sep 28, 2015

Excellencies, Honourable Ministers, g7+ Special Envoy, Ladies and Gentlemen.

The 2030 Agenda is a turning point in the international community’s approach to development. Among other innovations, Goal 16 places building peaceful and inclusive societies firmly in the global development agenda.

The International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Stability has contributed significantly towards this outcome. Together dialogue partners have articulated a new vision for international engagement in contexts of fragility and conflict. The "New Deal" Framework which they developed advocates a sequenced and differentiated approach to development in fragile states, and prioritizes peacebuilding and state-building as integral to sustainable development.

The implementation of the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States and the work done by many Member States of the Dialogue in championing Goal 16 is based on the firm belief that there can be no development without peace and no peace without development.

Looking ahead, the ambition and integrated nature of Agenda 2030 calls on us all to move forward quickly on a broad range of inter-linked goals. Tonight’s event is an important discussion on how to maintain a flexible and differentiated approach in fragile states within the SDG framework.

UNDP, within its mandate to lead the co-ordination of the UN Development System has key roles to play on the SDGs, including supporting national authorities in mainstreaming and localizing the SDGs in national development plans, helping countries to accelerate progress on priority objectives, strengthening data management capacities, providing policy support, and helping countries to mobilize resources.

UNDP will prioritize support for the implementation of Goals 1, 10 & 16 (on poverty, inequalities and peaceful and inclusive societies), as well as contributing to the achievement of a wide range of other goals.

I am also pleased to announce today that UNDP and the g7+ will work together on SDG implementation in countries affected by conflicts and fragility. We will be supporting g7+ member countries to undertake "SDG Readiness Assessments", and hope this will help to guide the support given by development partners.

Countries affected by conflict and fragility need champions at the highest level of the international development system - to ensure that they are not left behind and to support their efforts to implement the SDGs. The International Dialogue is needed more than ever to provide such leadership. UNDP is also a committed champion, and looks forward to continued collaboration with the partners of the International Dialogue.

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