Statement on Prevention of Violent Extremism programmes

Mar 8, 2017

UNDP has designed a range of programmes for development solutions to help prevent violent extremism. These programmes entail an outline budget of $108m for 2017-2020, or $27m a year on average. This reflects interest from several partners in working with UNDP to support efforts on Prevention of Violent Extremism. 

UNDP’s work in this area is firmly focused on preventing violent extremism. This is entirely distinct from counter-terrorism activity. The latter falls under the purview of other parts of the UN system. UNDP's role is to help address causes of violent extremism, to prevent extremism from taking root.

UNDP's contribution to PVE is based on our mandate and focuses only on development solutions. It reflects the notion that if young people are drawn to violent extremism due to lack of social or economic opportunity or engagement, development actors should help address those root causes. It complements the Secretary General’s Action Plan on Prevention of Violent Extremism. 

Full compliance with human rights and the rule of law are obligatory for any UNDP support to national PVE plans, programmes, projects and activities.

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