World Humanitarian Summit: UNDP says critical work lies ahead

May 24, 2016

Istanbul – The World Humanitarian Summit has provided a critically important platform to bring together humanitarians, development actors and peacebuilders in order to better tackle the growing humanitarian crises around the world, but there still remains much work to do, said the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

At the Summit, which ends today in Istanbul, UNDP committed to pursuing more integrated and innovative approaches to analysis, planning and programming across humanitarian, development and peacebuilding operations; to advocate for multi-year and flexible funding of humanitarian and development actions in crises; to reassert the critical importance of prevention and preparedness; and to invest in local and national systems and capacities.

"The Sustainable Development Goals call on us to 'leave no one behind' as we work to resolve the world's greatest challenges by 2030. To honour that commitment, we must all make major efforts to work more effectively across the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding spheres", UNDP Administrator Helen Clark said.

"The World Humanitarian Summit is a crucial step in promoting more sustainable approaches to crises and disaster, based on prevention wherever possible and on strengthening the resilience of people and communities. There is still much work to do, and we at UNDP are committed to continuing that work", Helen Clark said.

"There is no option. The status quo cannot continue. Much more can be done to shrink the need for humanitarian relief. All of us in development are committed to achieving that", Helen Clark said.

UNDP also joined the new global partnership for preparedness (GPP), which will strengthen preparedness capacities initially in 20 countries, so they attain a minimum level of readiness by 2020 for future disaster risks mainly caused by climate change.

A major global network was also launched at the Summit to facilitate business engagement in crisis situations through pre-positioning supplies, meeting humanitarian needs and providing resources, knowledge and expertise to disaster prevention. UNDP is one of the lead agencies.

Further key events over the course of this year, including in September a summit on refugees to be hosted at the United Nations in New York by President Barack Obama and a high-level plenary meeting of the General Assembly on addressing large movements of refugees and migrants, will continue the momentum.

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