Star-studded line up launches 6th Social Good Summit

Sep 27, 2015

NEW YORK – Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, UNDP Administrator Helen Clark, singer Jennifer Lopez and actors Laverne Cox and Charlize Theron will be among the speakers at the 2015 Social Good Summit opening in New York on Sunday.

The sixth annual Social Good Summit coincides with the United Nations General Assembly and this year is taking place alongside the Sustainable Development Summit, where on Friday world leaders adopted the 17 new Global Goals.

UNDP Administrator Helen Clark joined 17 world leaders and celebrities in reading out each goal in front of a packed hall, before engaging in a discussion on how technology can help achieve the goals.  

"For me it's about peaceful and inclusive societies, because without that we don't have the basis for any sustainable development at all. It's about momentum, hold people accountable, hold your governments accountable, stay engaged as citizens, keep advocating on social media and not wait 15 years to see what happens," said Helen Clark.

The aim of the two-day event is to examine the impact of technology and new media on social good initiatives worldwide. The Summit brings together world leaders, new media and technology experts, grassroots activists and voices from around the world to share creative ideas and solutions in regards to the use of new media for social good.

To raise awareness around the new Global Goals, UNDP is holding Social Good Summits in more than 100 countries, including North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan and Sudan. UNDP will use the Social Good Summit’s platform and audience to help governments and partners around the world launch the Goals at a local level.

To launch the Goals in Liberia, Ebola hero and innovative epidemiologist and immunologist Dr Mosoka Fallah will take part in a public panel discussion. The discussion will be broadcast live on radio to reach as many people as possible.

Guatemala will be celebrating the launch of the Global Goals with a friendly football match between political parties, a panel discussion and a music concert.

And in Kenya, panel discussions on the various goals featuring activists and celebrities will highlight Kenyan innovation and will bring together government, NGOs, the UN and civil society.

All the events will use the hashtag #2030Now to share innovative ideas for the future of our world.

Each September, world leaders come together at the United Nations General Assembly to discuss global issues and ways in which to tackle them. Recognizing that the voices and ideas of concerned global citizens connected by social media and technology can be powerful forces for change, Mashable, 92nd Street Y, the United Nations Foundation and the United Nations Development Programme partner to host the Social Good Summit to expand the UN conversations to include innovators, activists and entrepreneurs around the world.

More than 1,000 people and 300 journalists and bloggers attended the Summit last year.


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