UNDP response to Soccer Tournament hosted by Ansar al-Quds club in Jerusalem

May 2, 2013

UNDP response to Soccer Tournament hosted  by Ansar al-Quds club in Jerusalem
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) had no role in the tournament, its naming or any other activity related to it. It was not informed about the activity in question.
UNDP’s contribution to the Ansar al-Quds club was through a grant of USD 25,000, to finance the training and equipment of a soccer team for the club (rent of ground, coach, cameras, sports equipment….).

 The UNDP logo in this event was used without any prior authorization from UNDP and is not, in any case, the official logo of the organization.
UNDP is asking the club, with immediate effect, to withdraw the UNDP logo from all public material, and not to use its logo for any events or activities, without its prior, explicit authorization.

UNDP will continue to make every effort to ensure due diligence on all beneficiaries of grants.

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