UNDP ‘Speakers Corner’ features 75 experts in 26 countries

Jan 21, 2013

The web-based roster currently features 75 UNDP experts based in 26 countries.

New York – Leading experts on wide-ranging development issues can now be booked for speaking engagements around the world via the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) online Speakers Corner.

UNDP is offering its new, free service to public and private sector organizations, civil society groups, the media and the general public.

The web-based roster currently features 75 UNDP experts based in 26 countries who are available to share their expertise and insights in different languages either in person at events, or via Skype or video conference.

The Speakers Corner is designed to provide unprecedented access to experts on vital development topics – from crisis prevention and recovery to the Millennium Development Goals, democratic governance, microfinance, gender equality – to raise awareness of these and other vital human development issues and the results UNDP and its many partners are achieving.

UNDP’s Associate Administrator, Rebeca Grynspan, said that as the UN's global development network, UNDP has a diverse workforce who offer global perspectives and local insights to help empower people’s lives and build resilient nations.

"UNDP has a motivated and knowledgeable workforce and many of our people take pride in sharing their first-hand experiences about their work, whether it involves practical solutions at the country level or policy and other thought leadership at the global level.”

“The Speakers Corner will make it easier than ever before to connect UNDP’s development experts with audiences who want to know more about some of the most complex and engaging issues of our times," she said.

Managed by UNDP’s Bureau of External Relations and Advocacy, the Speakers Corner website features information on each expert, including a biography, language skills and identified areas of expertise.

The site features, on each profile, an easy-to-use “Request this Speaker” online form which allows users to reach out to particular experts for speaking engagements, interviews or questions.

The roster will continue to grow as more UNDP experts are added. 

For enquiries, please contact speakers.corner@undp.org.

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